Studio Thoughts: Art is Life

As I was able to escape into the studio today for the first time in what feels like months, I felt an overwhelming sense of contentment. The summer has been amazing, the girls are awesome, and we are having a great time. But when I don’t make things it starts to eat at me, like something is missing. Being a mother, ceramic artist and teacher is a balancing act. The first thing that falls off is of course the art making. It’s seen as the least important, and well, really, it’s the easiest to let go. While I have been trying to make this life work over the last few years, I have joked about my making pottery is how I hide from the real world. I go down to the basement and I forget everything and get lost in the clay. Would I rather be doing that than cleaning, folding the laundry or doing the bills? Of course! But I am not hiding from real life, I am trying to live mine to the fullest possible. I wouldn’t be myself without it.

When I first started teaching, I hung a very large quote on the wall in the back of the cafeteria where I taught most of the art classes. I spent hours cutting out painted letters and  I stapled each and every letter to the wall high above my desk. This is what I wanted them to know – this is what I wanted them to learn. It said:  “Art is art. Art is about art. Art is about making. But most of all art is about what it means to be human.”

Peter London, No More Secondhand Art; Awakening the Artist Within