Pedestal…soap dish???

I was taking photographs for the open house Alyssa and I are planning for December 7th. I grabbed some soap, a button vase, and oh, there are some cupcake stands. I have yet to sell any, but I enjoy looking at them and stacking them is fun. I popped the soap on them and there it was. A soap dish on a pedestal. See it in the background? Yes, I like it too.

So, here is the problem I gave some of my intrigued ceramic students  today.  I throw the cupcake stands upside down. I throw my soap dishes right side up to get that deep spiral groove that keeps the soap dry. How do I put these two ideas together without making them separately?

J said I needed to leave the top part thicker and carve the soap grooves in. Makes sense!  Most likely they will warp once they get fired to cone 10, but it’s certainly worth a try. And fortunately I have been waiting to make some more stands…they are not only fun to look at and stack, they are fun to make.

And as an added bonus, half of my students wanted to see me throw it. So I did! I ended up with three to take home and try it out. Here’s my process once I got into the studio this evening: 

“Trimming” right side up. This is where I smoothed and then began to carve the spiral with the turning of the wheel.

There’s one. Two more to go. Leaving the floor (top) thick is important. I think two of the three were thinner than they should have been. This spiral was my first and least  favorite. (They get better.) It didn’t take long, but it was odd making the grooves with a tool other than my fingers.

Then comes some scoring and slipping…getting ready for the buttons!

I roll a bunch of little clay balls…

attach them…

and press my stamp into them. That’s called a sprigging. : )


This is my attempt to minimize warping – seems a bit silly but they’re having fun. It’s like a sleepover.  I”ll wrap them up in plastic and let them hibernate for a few days.

Longest post I’ve ever done! I hope you enjoyed it!