Studio Makeover

Sometimes all you need is a little something to get you motivated. Last week, Adam and I were discussing how we could improve the studios. I said, I would really like to get a work table. One I could sit at. How had I gone working this long without one? Makeshift boards on storage totes surrounded the wheel. I either sat hunched over at the wheel to carve, attach handles and sprig buttons or stood alongside a cart and high table that was too wobbly to even wedge on. The idea of a table was exhilarating – and just what I needed to get up and start cleaning. Especially since the very next day I found the most perfectly priced, sturdiest table at the second consignment store I walked into. Thanks to the arrival of the blizzard the day after that, I had a productive weekend of spring cleaning in February!


Isn’t it great???


Before this beautiful table could travel to the basement, things needed to happen. The studio was essentially dismantled. I had to work fast, since I had a lot of work in process sitting under plastic – this could not be a long drawn out process. Every tool, surface, piece of furniture had to be cleaned and cleared away. All of a sudden this corner of the basement I had slowly taken over the past few years finally felt mine and I could now arrange it how I saw fit. I wasn’t just getting a new table anymore – it was a new studio.


A chair with a back is next on the list!


Tool storage! The girls had fun helping with this part. Organizing the tools and filling the shelves. I really wish I had taken more pictures before hand – but I didn’t realize! Before, I had tools all over the place. It drove me a little crazy sometimes. Some for when I was throwing, some where I was standing and everyplace in between. Now here they are, in their new home. This will help cut down on the clay dust – since the shelves cannot be reached while I am working on the wheel, slurry covered hands cannot contaminate! (see more about clay dust here.)  Cleaner storage, cleaner studio, healthier me.

There’s still work to be done, but I am motivated!