When Old Feels New


Last weekend I ditched my studio “to do” list.  I have wanted to just play around, explore some new ideas and forms.When I am not in my studio lots of ideas come in and out of my head. Sometimes I am able to write them down, but more often than not I don’t and by the time I get into the studio it’s just easier to do what’s already on the list!  Besides, time and energy are often lacking, especially when you accidentally drift off to sleep during story time.

So, I set a morning aside to forget the list, and just make what I wanted to make. I didn’t think too much about it. Five hours later I found myself surrounded by a lot of familiar forms, including some delightful flared bowls I’ve wanted more of for over a year! What surprised me is that I didn’t actually throw anything new – these tall, altered and naked forms was what inspired these buttons almost three years ago! I remember debating the buttons – should there be any? if so, what stamp should be used, and how many?! I agonized over every button -sprigging buttons on, taking them off, putting them back on. How funny! These new “old” forms got dressed as soon as they dried to the touch – I knew exactly what to do and couldn’t wait to start adding buttons.


Although it was not what I expected, it was something I obviously needed to do. While forcing myself to ignore the list, I realized something very important. I need more time to play and make what I want to make. It’s what I want my kids to do. It’s the foundation of how I teach. Five hours isn’t enough. What do I want to make?  I have no idea, but I know I like to make buttons. : )

Next month, there will not be a list. Just one question.