Inspired by chocolate



Last week I finally got some fresh bagged clay and it was time to stop putting off making some larger size button bowls.  I’ve been hesitant to throw anything bigger than 2 1/2 pounds, but I could feel my strength return and knew I should at least attempt it. I started with 3 then slowly made my way up to 6 over the course of a few days before I hit my limit. Trimming and buttoning the bowls gave me a few days to rest and yesterday while I was icing my sore back I decided I needed to make some vegan chocolate mousse…and soon. (sounds logical doesn’t it?) While looking at the book’s recipe, I noticed the mousse was being served in the sweetest little ceramic bowls, that to be honest, looked like something I would make. Slightly flared and altered and glazed in what looked to be my beloved spodumene. Inspired, I went back down and threw a few one pound balls before deciding on a final shape. Today I threw 20 more, and when I was done, treated myself to some of that chocolate mousse.