Some Small Fall Forms


It took me almost a year to finally make these closed forms. A fellow artist at a fair was selling them and I not only knew and really liked this potter and her work, I absolutely loved these forms and what she did with them.  I loved the way they fit in my hand. I impulsively purchased a few that I have enjoyed all year round. I didn’t plan on making them myself, because well, I already purchased the perfect pair. But one day while I was thinking about demonstrating ways to manipulate the cylinder for my high school students, I sketched this form as one to demonstrate. While I was making one for practice, I knew I had to make more. So I made a couple of batches, altered some and then I started carving. Then I made some little open forms (inspired by the demo I had done for my students – they thought the forms on their way to being closed were quite cool too – I agreed!) and couldn’t wait to start carving into those forms as well. It’s becoming a bit of an obsession. 🙂