About The Artist

IMGP6392I started working in clay when I was living in Somerville and attending Massachusetts College of Art in 2001 for a master’s degree in art education. I spent long days in the studio building life size hand-built sculptures that were inspired by the human body and abstractions of the female psyche.

I fell in love with the malleability and organic nature of clay and despite life happening, I am still making forms 15 years later. We moved out of the city in 2003,  bought a house, started a family and started teaching again part-time at a local high school. I work as often as this busy life allows, and am grateful for the support of  family and friends.

In addition to working out of my studio in our home’s basement, I travel to Mudflat Studio in Somerville once a week. My current work is largely functional and smaller in size, but continues to draw upon abstractions of nature and the female form.

Please feel free to contact me about questions and leave your comments below or find me on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/lemonbeepottery