Lines, dots, & birds.

Summer, Change of Plans, and Risk-Taking

Summer has officially come and gone, but for me it never really ended. This was the first summer in a long while that I wasn’t going back to school to teach in the fall. It was a bittersweet decision, but in the end a choice I felt I had to make. My winter and spring were emotional, to say the least! But when summer came I felt a release – a weight had lifted. Happiness started to creep back in. I was accepting and looking forward to the change.

I have taken up listening to The Potter’s Cast. It’s a podcast for potters. I know right??? Anyway, just the other day, I was listening to this artist from South Africa, John Newdigate, discussing ideas on building a foundation for an art business. He said the primarily goal of the artist is to express yourself honestly, and to take yourself seriously. Simple but powerful! Then he said something that surprised me, because I could hear my teacher self saying this kind of thing to my students –  if you’re comfortable with what you are doing, then you’re probably not doing your best. Wow.

It’s all about risk.

When I began teaching 16 years ago, I loved finding quotes about and by artists to have nearby to inspire and motivate students. Risk-taking is an integral part of art education. This one was one of my favorites by Mark Rothko. “Art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can be explored only by those willing to take risks.”



Lemonbee Love – Merry Christmas!

I love my girls.



I love making things you can use everyday.


I love my new birdie mugs, and I love how much people love them.


I love my buttons.


I love buttons freshly sprigged.

IMGP7907 (1)

I love buttons when they’re fired.


I love stamping into wet clay.


I love wax resist.


I love the color of raw fired clay.


I love Blue Hoot.


I used to love pallets.


But I love my space at the gallery, and I love being a part of the gallery.


I love making things for you.

Jannke, Helen handlesSikka, Shaina HandsIMG_3352Evans, Julia Wheel Set2dalek angel by claudia angie

I love supporting students in making their own things.


And I love the support of my friends and family – I could not do what I love without it. xo

Thanks for a great year!

Wishing you all the best in love, creativity and good health in 2015.




A near miss…May 2014


new birdie cups


“magic bottles” hit Mudflat’s Spring Sale


signature bud vases


leftover clay makes fun shapes for sweet little magnets


Special Drop in Sale during Studio Hours before Mother’s Day Weekend!


One of these got donated to the Mudflat’s Scholarship Fund


Finley’s Donation

Happy Summer!

Very happy with how these little bowls turned out! I love the way the color of clay contrasts with the yellow…I do this by waxing the bisqued clay before it gets dipped into the glaze. Now on to some bigger bowls, to continue to fill a few orders and to play with more wax resist designs. While the girls are at camp, I get a few bonus (daytime)  hours of studio time to do this! My goal is to get through 50 lbs of clay just throwing the same size bowl. Got a good start this morning before I had to get up and stretch!