the snow has made me lazy…100 bowls challenge Day 2

With the morning delay I had some extra time to warm up the studio and throw for an hour. This time I used 3/4 pound balls of clay, and made 11 bowls before I had to clean up and go to work. Two things I noticed…it is hard for me to NOT alter the round bowl shape, so after the first four I decided I wasn’t allowed to do anymore of this set. The second was that structurally these bowls felt better – and I didn’t want to crash them as much as I wanted to crash yesterday’s bowls!


The snow has made me lazy…100 bowls challenge Day 1

I only had two hours today, and some of that was spent reorganizing the neglected studio, and throwing in a load of laundry, of course. I decided I needed to give myself an assignment after a failed attempt at making some new forms last week. It’s been hard to get motivated, the main reason being the basement is freezing! The heater works hard but it takes a lot of time and energy to make it tolerable. Especially in the morning. On top of that, the little but lovely natural light that came from the windows is gone. They are all completely covered in the snow.


I started with half pound balls of clay, and will most likely add to that as I get in a few days. Small bowls, simple, altered, whatever shape they may take. My goal is to make 100 in a week. After about an hour of throwing I ended up with 10 imperfect little bowls that I would love to crash. I altered a few, and left the rest to set up. The next 10 will be better.


Here are some of my favorite stamps I used to sprig some buttons.


Lemonbee Love – Merry Christmas!

I love my girls.



I love making things you can use everyday.


I love my new birdie mugs, and I love how much people love them.


I love my buttons.


I love buttons freshly sprigged.

IMGP7907 (1)

I love buttons when they’re fired.


I love stamping into wet clay.


I love wax resist.


I love the color of raw fired clay.


I love Blue Hoot.


I used to love pallets.


But I love my space at the gallery, and I love being a part of the gallery.


I love making things for you.

Jannke, Helen handlesSikka, Shaina HandsIMG_3352Evans, Julia Wheel Set2dalek angel by claudia angie

I love supporting students in making their own things.


And I love the support of my friends and family – I could not do what I love without it. xo

Thanks for a great year!

Wishing you all the best in love, creativity and good health in 2015.




Some Small Fall Forms


It took me almost a year to finally make these closed forms. A fellow artist at a fair was selling them and I not only knew and really liked this potter and her work, I absolutely loved these forms and what she did with them.  I loved the way they fit in my hand. I impulsively purchased a few that I have enjoyed all year round. I didn’t plan on making them myself, because well, I already purchased the perfect pair. But one day while I was thinking about demonstrating ways to manipulate the cylinder for my high school students, I sketched this form as one to demonstrate. While I was making one for practice, I knew I had to make more. So I made a couple of batches, altered some and then I started carving. Then I made some little open forms (inspired by the demo I had done for my students – they thought the forms on their way to being closed were quite cool too – I agreed!) and couldn’t wait to start carving into those forms as well. It’s becoming a bit of an obsession. 🙂

A near miss…May 2014


new birdie cups


“magic bottles” hit Mudflat’s Spring Sale


signature bud vases


leftover clay makes fun shapes for sweet little magnets


Special Drop in Sale during Studio Hours before Mother’s Day Weekend!


One of these got donated to the Mudflat’s Scholarship Fund


Finley’s Donation

Inspired by chocolate



Last week I finally got some fresh bagged clay and it was time to stop putting off making some larger size button bowls.  I’ve been hesitant to throw anything bigger than 2 1/2 pounds, but I could feel my strength return and knew I should at least attempt it. I started with 3 then slowly made my way up to 6 over the course of a few days before I hit my limit. Trimming and buttoning the bowls gave me a few days to rest and yesterday while I was icing my sore back I decided I needed to make some vegan chocolate mousse…and soon. (sounds logical doesn’t it?) While looking at the book’s recipe, I noticed the mousse was being served in the sweetest little ceramic bowls, that to be honest, looked like something I would make. Slightly flared and altered and glazed in what looked to be my beloved spodumene. Inspired, I went back down and threw a few one pound balls before deciding on a final shape. Today I threw 20 more, and when I was done, treated myself to some of that chocolate mousse.


Clay Birds


The change of light inspired me to take some pictures of the leftover birds that were hanging out on the back porch from December. I have been quite sleepy with my etsy site, so you’ll see it’s no longer an empty store. Time to come out of hibernation!